Satmaster Pro Mk10.x and Mk9.x series releases are currently supported.

If currently supported software, is lost or damaged, we will replace it by electronic delivery usually within one working day at no charge. Releases over 5 years old such as Mk8.x, or earlier, are obsolete (deleted) so technical support is no longer possible. Upgrades to the current series are available at approximately 60% discount.

Support queries by email are usually answered the same day if time zone difference allows. Please give full details of the problem and, if possible, attach an example output file. If you don't have our current email address please use the contact form to establish communication.

It is rarely practical to answer technical questions over the telephone so we only provide email support. There are no scripted (canned) replies, issues are investigated and treated individually.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments.